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How to Have an Explosive Volleyball Approach

volleyball approach jump

If you want to take your volleyball game to the next level, you have to be able to make the point.

If you want to make the point... you have to take an explosive volleyball approach. So, what are some of the mechanics of an explosive approach? It starts with the footwork. Let’s break it down:

Start with a three-step approach (some players use a four-step approach, but I recommend 3 steps for beginners, you can always add the 4th step later on):

First step: A small, slow step forward with your non-dominant foot.

Second step: A longer, explosive step forward with your dominant foot.

Third step: A short, quick step forward with your non-dominant foot, (now both feet should be aligned, at an angle towards the set) positioning yourself to hit the ball.


Time your approach to meet the ball at the peak of your jump.

Focus on the ball leaving the setter’s hands, visualizing its trajectory and location.

Arm Swing:

The arm swing is crucial for a successful hit. On your first step, bring both arms back, and by your third step they should be back as far as you can.

As you jump, bring both arms up by your ears, bring your elbow back and then swing it forward, extending and snapping your wrist for maximum power.

Aim for a high contact point, as high as you can possibly reach.

Keep working on repetitions and watch this video I posted on IG if you want a good drill for working on your approach for an explosive jump! You can do it, I am confident in you.

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