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Purpose. Passion. Heart.

We ignite the fire in their eyes, not just their serves. Our heart beats in rhythm with the pounding volleyballs, fueled by a passion to see young athletes soar.


Every pass, set, and hit echoes our unwavering belief in them. We're not just coaches, we're champions alongside them, celebrating victories big and small, guiding them through stumbles, and cheering them on as they push beyond their limits. 

Alison Furno

Founder & Volleyball Coach

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Coach Alison currently works with numerous athletes at the beginner club level building a strong foundation of confidence and fundamental skills. She has coached thousands of athletes over the last 12 years of coaching, including 20+ division 1 athletes, and 50+ collegiate volleyball athletes.

Alison’s knowledge is deeply rooted in all aspects of the game, but her passion and knowledge for volleyball has proven to be a game changer for all volleyball athletes she works with. Many know of Coach Alison through her social media following where her followers get encouragement, instruction, tips and insights on the game.


Her positive, direct coaching approach has been a great motivator for players and parents. Coach Alison has instilled her philosophy of teaching and sharing in the creation of The Volleyball Company, where our goal is to help every volleyball athlete unlock their (power and potential.)

Coach Alison’s Experience: 

  • Paradise Valley Christian Prep

  • Head Boys Volleyball Coach – CAA State Champions                           

  • First year program, trained a team who has never played and won state championships

  • Head Girls Volleyball Coach – CAA 3rd place

  • Club head coach 12 years

  • Arizona Sky volleyball club developmental program director 8 years

  • Assistant Coach 2 years

  • Currently Head Coach of 11’s Team at Atomic Volleyball Club 


The Volleyball Company Team

Mastering the mental and physical demands of volleyball is no easy feat. Many coaches focus solely on technical skills, leaving crucial athletic movement and mindset development behind. This gap becomes a hurdle for aspiring players hoping to keep pace on competitive teams or reach future scholarship goals.

Empowering Every Athlete: At The Volleyball Company, we bridge this gap. We're the first to bring our proven method beyond the classroom, directly to athletes like yours. Our program goes beyond basic drills, incorporating targeted coaching insights we've never shared publicly before. This comprehensive approach fosters not just technical skill, but the mental agility and physical dominance needed to rise above the competition.

Whether your athlete dreams of making the top travel team or securing a coveted scholarship, we provide the tools and guidance they need to reach their full potential. Join us and witness the transformation: stronger bodies, sharper minds, and athletes reaching heights they never thought possible.

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Meet Your Coaches

"Coach Alison not only focused on improving my daughter's volleyball skills but also instilled important values such as integrity and grit. Alison created a nurturing and supportive environment that allowed my daughter to grow both as an athlete and as an individual."

- Cyndi Moore

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